giovedì 26 febbraio 2015


I don't like advertising about kitchens. 

They always shows largerooms, in this great disponibility every furniture seems wonderful , the most trivial too.

For this reason I found the follow image as something really new, innovative, and telling about good design.It's a well-known fact that the home as we know it is undergoing a major transition. The space we have to work with is smaller than ever before, yet our needs are greater and more complex.

That's not to mention the contemporary lifestyle which requires our pads to be functional, technological, ergonomic and multi-purpose at the same time.

Board, designed for Snaidero by Pietro Arosio, is just what people with these needs have been crying out for.

The solution is substantial, compact and aesthetically light without taking anything away from functionality and ergonomics.

It is a smart, space-saving solution which effectively addresses the basic demands of home living.

Board manages to be fully operational in just a few centimetres, incorporating a hob and a sizeable two-tub sink area.

Furthermore, a convenient snack top is situated at the end of the unit where you can sit down to breakfast or enjoy a quick snack, while a waste bin has been set into the block to allow you to dispose of organic waste as you prepare food.

Board is product by Snaidero
Design by Pietro Arosio
Text and photos by Snaidero and Andrea Martinuzzi

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