giovedì 5 febbraio 2015


Today I want tell about home-made interior funriture. Everybody, using curiosity, fantasy and suggestions can transform old objects, giving them a new life.

The silver chair was discovered by my wife in a junk dealer's market: it was not very old, brown painted and with an orrible flowery tissue. 

I was disgusted , but my wife (she's not architect, but surely an istinctive artist) absolutely wonts it.

Come back home, we begin to work . The form of the chair was the most interesting component, so we decided to valorize it.

Painting all the surfaces with  spray silver and gold  colors, the object revealed a unsuspected grace. 

Now this chair stand near an old gramophone, with an hand made olive-wood lamp  and a steel glasseuse marked "Moet et Chandon" used as flower vase.

What do you think about it?

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